Scott Jenson
18 Morton Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303

+1 650 265-7174

Summary: Scott Jenson has been doing user interface design and strategic planning for 20 years. He was the first member of the System Software Human Interface group at Apple in the late 80s, working on System 7 and the Apple Human Interface guidelines. He then joined the Newton group as a programmer/designer. After Apple, Scott was a freelance design consultant, doing work for Netscape, Mayo Clinic, American Express, and several web startups. For 3 years, he was director of product design for Symbian. He managed Mobile UI design at Google for 4 years and is now working on strategic projects within Google.

As a battle scarred veteran of the software industry, Scott has shipped a spreadsheet, been a part of 2 Mac OS releases, 5 Newton product cycles, 4 commercial web site revisions, designed 2 completely different mobile phones, run dozens of usability trials and focus groups, and has >15 patents granted.
Design: Google
2005 - Present
UX design lead for Google Profiles. Previously managed mobile UX group, responsible for managing a team of 12 designers/researchers that worked on multiple platform versions for: Google Mobile Maps, Google Mobile Search, Mobile Gmail, Google Image Search and Google SMS. Also lead team to explore new product concepts using CSS3/HTML5.
Jenson Design
2003 - 2005
Design consulting specializing in mobile phones and consumer electronics. Worked on everything from mobile phone hearing aids for Starkey Labs to the Roomba vaccum cleaner.
  Vice President of Product Design Cognmia LTD.
2001 - 2002
Product concept, strategy and design of next generation mobile services. Eventually shipped Shozu, a background photo uploading application for Symbian devices.
Director of Symbian DesignLab
1998 - 2001
Lead and coordinated dozens of design and research projects relating to mobile internet services within Symbian, including the Quartz reference platform (Sony/Ericsson P900) Managed 19 people to design, prototype, test, and specify future mobile wireless products. Oversaw a design team that has generated >20 patent applications, 10 academic/trade publications, and 5 external speaking engagements.
  Founder Jenson Design
1997 - 1998
A consulting group which did human interface design. Customers included Netscape, Mayo Clinic, American Express, and Tango Communications. Projects include client server applications, internal web site design and usability studies.
    Apple Newton Group
1992 - 1997
Designer/programmer for Apple Newton. Started on original concept device which included concept prototyping as well a development of Newton 1.0, 2.0 and eMate products.
1988 - 1992
Human interface manager within Apple Computer on projects such as QuickTime, FileShare, AppleMail, AppleScript, Publish & Subscribe and QuickDraw GX print architectures.
Publications: HCI Remixed: Reflections on Works That have Influenced the HCI Community
Chapter: Edward Tufte's 1+1=3
Ed: Thomas Erickson, MIT Press Dec 2007

Default Thinking, Future Products
Chapter within The Inside Text: Social perspectives on SMS in the mobile age
Ed: Richard Harper, Springer Verlag. Published 2005

The Simplicity Shift: Innovative Design Tactics in a Corporate World
Cambridge University Press, published 2002

Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Technical Advisor. Published 1992
Speeches: Keynote MobileHCI 2010 (in September)
SXSW Mobile Panel 2010
SXSW Mobile Panel 2008
MobileHCI Singapore Sept 2007
HCI2020 March 2007
Stanford Feb 2007
BayCHI July 2006
Design Panel CHI2006
Keynote at Appliance Design 2004, Bristol UK
Mobile Commerce World 2003
CHI2002, CHI2001
Mobile User Interface 2001
EuroForum 2000
Patents:   10 Issued/10 Pending
Newton applications, Macintosh Drag and Drop, Symbian Phone Concepts, Picsel Phone design
Programming:   Designed, prototyped, and implemented Calendar, To Do List, Draw, and Spreadsheet applications for the Newton Personal Digital Assistant. All work done in C++ and NewtonScript.
    Maintained and extended Newton application toolbox and view system.
    Designed and implemented PC-Host, a distributed version of the Common Lisp window standard, Common Windows. All work done in C and Common Lisp on IBM PC’s using MS-Windows.
    Incorporated three person software development firm to design, write and license integrated spreadsheet for Macintosh. The product, Quartet™, integrated text and graphics directly into the spreadsheet document. Responsible for the graphic design and human interface programming. The program shipped approximately 4,000 units.
Work History:  
2005-Present Google Mountain View, CA
Mobile UI Designer
2003-2005 Jenson Design Minneapolis, MN
2002-2003 Personal Sabbatical
One year travel with my family
2001-2002 Cognima LTD London, UK
Vice President Product Design
1998-2001 Symbian, Ltd, London, UK
Director of DesignLab
1997-1998 Jenson Design Minneapolis, MN
1988-1997   Apple Computer Cupertino, CA
Application Lead in Newton Group (5 years)
Manager Macintosh System Software Human Interface (2 years)
Senior Software Engineer (2 years)
1985-1988   Intellicorp Mountain View, CA
Senior Systems Engineer
1984-1985   Macintosh Business Applications, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA
Education:   Stanford UniversityStanford, CA
M.S. in Computer Science, June 1991.
B.A. in Economics, June 1984.